Monday, April 11, 2011

Field Photo #1

The first field photo is from a spot about 50 miles south of where I live. This is from a spot that, as you're driving down 101, has a big arrow that says "OCEAN VIEW." These are a set of some uplifted terraces fitting nicely into the morning shot. On the far right of the photo, where the topography is becoming noticeably steeper, is Humbug Mountain, which is part of the accreted Klamath terrains materials. It is made of early cretaceous marine sediments. The terraces represent former shorelines that have been uplifted by activity associated with the Cascadia subduction zone. Cape Blanco, about another 50 miles south from this picture, is the westernmost point of Oregon and, according to the GPS station sitting on top of it, the fastest rising (~1in/year!)

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