Saturday, August 27, 2011


Okay. I have a confession. This blog has not started out the way I imagined. Here's a little story...

I am the only geologist in my office, so when I found out about the geoblogsphere, I was ecstatic! This is how I can keep up my conversation with other geologists not only locally, but around the world! Awesome. I got the name, URL, twitter, ect within 30 minutes, I was a member of the geoblogsphere! Hooray! Now, what to write about... I am a recent graduate and just moved to a town where I know no one, started a job where I have a lot of responsibility, and I've changed plate margins. There's plenty to write about! So why haven't I been clogging up all the RSS feeds with all this new and exciting adventure?

Well, here's my lesson I've learned for blogging. You've got to set your own rules. I have plenty of ideas, good ones too. However, I have not taken the time to set my own rules.

So, here's my first crack at some guidelines for myself:
1. Allow yourself time to find your 'voice'
2. Be prepared to make mistakes, and ask for corrections.
3. A blog can be a conversation. I've found that my fellow geobloggers are very chatty and enjoy answering questions about a photo of an outcrop or weighing in about the media and geologic occurrences (Japan, VA Earthquake, Flooding of the Mississippi to name a recent few...)
4. Visuals are important.
5. For me specifically, don't set your standards too high. I'm too new at this to think I can pull off some of the amazing posts I see everyday on my google reader.

Now, does anyone have guidelines to add? (#3)

(#4) Picture from Lassen Volcanic National Park. Taken August, 2011. Post to come soon!