Saturday, August 27, 2011


Okay. I have a confession. This blog has not started out the way I imagined. Here's a little story...

I am the only geologist in my office, so when I found out about the geoblogsphere, I was ecstatic! This is how I can keep up my conversation with other geologists not only locally, but around the world! Awesome. I got the name, URL, twitter, ect within 30 minutes, I was a member of the geoblogsphere! Hooray! Now, what to write about... I am a recent graduate and just moved to a town where I know no one, started a job where I have a lot of responsibility, and I've changed plate margins. There's plenty to write about! So why haven't I been clogging up all the RSS feeds with all this new and exciting adventure?

Well, here's my lesson I've learned for blogging. You've got to set your own rules. I have plenty of ideas, good ones too. However, I have not taken the time to set my own rules.

So, here's my first crack at some guidelines for myself:
1. Allow yourself time to find your 'voice'
2. Be prepared to make mistakes, and ask for corrections.
3. A blog can be a conversation. I've found that my fellow geobloggers are very chatty and enjoy answering questions about a photo of an outcrop or weighing in about the media and geologic occurrences (Japan, VA Earthquake, Flooding of the Mississippi to name a recent few...)
4. Visuals are important.
5. For me specifically, don't set your standards too high. I'm too new at this to think I can pull off some of the amazing posts I see everyday on my google reader.

Now, does anyone have guidelines to add? (#3)

(#4) Picture from Lassen Volcanic National Park. Taken August, 2011. Post to come soon!


  1. *Worry first and foremost about doing what makes you happy. The geoblogosphere will be happy with it too.

    *Ignore trolls; their comments are inevitable, but not worth worrying over.

    *We do love discussions! Join in conversations- via blog comments, Twitter, Google+, etc.- that you find interesting. It's how I've found many other of the geobloggers I now read regularly.

  2. The biggest piece of advice I can give is this: just write. It's the only way you're going to develop your style and figure out what you like writing about. Don't be afraid of making mistakes because we all do it. Remember to have fun with it. Blogging shouldn't make you feel like you're writing your thesis. It's meant to be short, informal, and highly accessible to the public. You don't need graphs and charts and a long works cited page at the end of each post. Remember: if it feels like homwork, you're doing it wrong. Relax and have fun with your blog.

    Once again, welcome to the geoblogosphere!

  3. Write about what interests you most. If you have trouble blogging often, a weekly post is sometimes helpful for giving yourself a deadline. For instance, Ryan of Glacial Till has "Meteorite Monday," Callan of Mountain Beltway as "Friday Fold" and I have "The Geology Word of the Week." You can even just post an interesting geological picture every week.

    Definitely don't worry about making the blog perfect, and don't worry about little mistakes. If someone points out a mistake, just correct it honestly.

    You already seem to have a great voice-- don't be afraid of blogging! There is indeed a wonderful community of geobloggers.

  4. I wish if the previous comments was for me when I start my blogging since 9 months without any guideline, just writing what i think it's my best work or thoughts. Yesterday i wrote the description of my blog. My advice to you is don't do science blog without mentor.

  5. As someone else who is new to the geoblogosphere (ha, I love that word!) I don't have any advice to add, but I love that you collected some in one place with this post... thanks!

  6. Thank you everyone for the great advice!

    @rachelpio: "geoblogosphere" is even more fun to say in conversation!