Monday, December 5, 2011

AGU day 1

Agu, or American Geophysical Union, is an annual meeting of national and international geoscientists for scientific discourse and geeking out about earth science. I arrived in San Francisco Sunday night and prepared for this meeting with a little bit of sleep. This is my first time at AGU and I can safely say that this meeting is overwhelming. I'm not a complete conference rookie as I attended the 2009 GSA meeting in Portland, OR. I know that there's lots going on and I will not see everything I want to see. I started the morning by attending S11C Active Fault Data as Input for Seismic Hazard Analysis. As I am relatively new to this specific field, I enjoyed hearing about the considerations needed for completing an accurate seismic analysis. Things like how do you incorporate new analyses into existing policy and regulations? How can blind faults be included in SHA? Fun stuff. I also spent some time hunting down potential advisors for graduate school, catching up with old friends and just soaking it all in. I attended the social media soiree where i met new people and talked about science blogging. I was especially interested to meet a gentleman who worked for AGU in Washington DC. He told me about the overlying mission of AGU as an organization, which is focused around the support of science research for the benefit of our cultures. So far so good. I am looking forward to exploring the exhibit hall tomorrow. Also, I am currently have 71 followers on twitter and my goal before the end of the meeting is to get over 100. If you aren't following yet, I am @Emily_erratic_

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  1. Hi Emily,

    If you'd like more followers on Twitter, may I suggest that you use it more conversationally.
    Comment on other tweets and ask questions so others have a better chance of engaging with you. (This may be easiest if you also use a client like Tweetdeck.) Engaging with others (as opposed to speaking to the void) is the best way to derive value from Twitter (and blogs) in my experience.

    Good luck!