Thursday, December 8, 2011

AGU Days 2 and 3

Whew! What a week it's been.

On Tuesday morning I happened to walk into Moscone West when the exhibit hall had been open for about 10 minutes. I followed the flow of people to the NASA booth and experienced a frenzy. Hands everywhere grabbing posters, post cards, comic books, calendars, and bags. This is what I imagined black Friday looking like a few weeks ago. I decided I didn't want to carry around a bunch of swag all day, so I limited my plunder to what fit in my messenger bag and folded posters. This worked out nicely. The exhibit hall has a lot of interesting products, services, organizations and plenty of people to talk to.

I stopped by Little River Research and Design when they were first setting up the Em3 table. I have been really excited to see this product in action and it certainly delivered. The colored grains are actually pieces of plastic that are a specific size by color. They've been blogging too about AGU and it's been an adventurous one for them.
Fun for all!

I also stopped by the OpenTopography booth, shared with NCALM (National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping) on NSF street, #1123. OpenTopography is a great resource for anyone looking for LiDAR or just play around with it in Google Earth, which is what I do. They are consistently updating their available data, with recent additions of the Lake Tahoe Basin, the Tetons in WY and the John Day watershed in OR. While wandering the posters Wednesday morning, I noticed many have used OT data in their research, especially of geomorphological markers of fault motion. 

I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday talking to people in the poster hall, going to interesting presentations, visiting the exhibit hall. Everything is a bit overwhelming, especially since I have a few looming graduate school application dates this week, but I am having a blast.

It's great that you spend all morning being totally immersed in the geo-world and when lunch rolls around, you walk outside and you're in San Francisco! I've spent quite a bit of time in the City and it's always such a treat to walk up to Union Square for lunch, wander into Soma for a beer and take the bus back to the Mission district where I'm staying with a friend. Believe me, Mission style burrito have been a staple of my diet this week.

Time to head off to the meeting! Hopefully I don't look as lost as this little guy while I'm wandering around.

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  1. That booth was so cool! And totally saw that bird too...