Friday, December 16, 2011

AGU days 4 and 5

Better late than never, eh?

After being completely overwhelmed the first 3 days of AGU, I finally got into the convention groove my last two days. I spent a lot of time in the poster halls pouring over research friends, potential colleagues and new acquaintances have done. I spent most of my time wandering between the earth processes and tectonophysics posters.

Sure, I saw some great science at AGU but the most interesting thing about the meeting was overhearing conversations about the process of research. For example, I was looking at a poster of a potential adviser for graduate school, discussing the program at his institution. Out of the blue came 'big name scientist' and began to chat with my potential adviser about his research and, more importantly, how they had new questions to answer. New questions require more money. How were they going to go back to Venezuela? How many grants/proposals, ect did he put in? What could he be competing with? It was interesting overhearing this because I have a very vague sense of the process to get research funded and the more confounding processes inside funding organizations. These are things I imagine I will be part of for years to come with grad school *hopefully* on the horizon.

And now, back to graduate school applications!

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